Personal advice for a personal interior  

Want to make Willemskaai your new home? Then you can rely on personal assistance and inspiration, paying close attention to sustainable materials, design and a custom finish. We extend our sustainable vision to the interior of your future home, by guiding you through the market of bio-ecologically responsible finishing materials.  

Assistance from A to Z 

We go the extra mile when it comes to your living environment. Our interior designer assists you attentively and expertly. She enquires about your vision on living, your taste, your expectations… in short, your idea of an ideal living environment, to make your home perfectly match who you are and where you feel at ease. As a buyer, you can rely on our comprehensive assistance, from changes to your floor plan, the choice of materials and level of finishing to the personalisation of systems and technologies. You want a fully custom-made interior, from furniture to bed linen and tableware? We can do that. Capstone Development Group assists you in every phase of the building process, with an eye for detail. 

Choose the mood that fits you  

In consultation with our interior designer, your apartment is fully decorated in the mood or “lifestyle” that suits you best and in which all elements are each other’s natural component. From the choice of your floors to the choice of your kitchen, or even the paintwork and wallpaper, to the selection & installation of your lighting and furniture. You can choose from 5 mood concepts, each with their own atmosphere and designed to your wishes:  

Minimal if you prefer stylistic simplicity, Natural if you like natural, ecological elements, Manhattan if the more exclusive the better, Cottage if you prefer a cottage style and Vintage if you like an eclectic style.